We attract top talent and loyal customers, and they keep us ahead of the curve.
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Our values are the standards that strengthen and support our business; they are the guiding principles that help us achieve our goals. They also shape our expectations of each other as a team, and in turn, what our customers can expect from us as an organization.

Our 3,500+ employees, top rated teams, and over 30 years of retail success are proof that solid values make us better.

We’re Real

We value honesty and authenticity, no matter what. We’re genuine with each other and our customers in everything we do, because positive relationships are built on trust and mutual respect.

We’re Tuned In

We listen to our customers and our teams – it’s what helps us innovate, and it keeps us ahead of the curve. We pay attention where it counts, so we can openly embrace change and foster new ideas that drive us forward.

We’re Magnetic

Our teams stick together. We value open collaboration and teamwork, and that’s how we attract top talent and loyal customers. Our creative energy makes us interesting, and our open-minded culture inspires creativity every day.

We’re Connected

We’re accessible to people wherever, whenever, and however they want to engage with us. We invite our customers (and everyone!) to be inspired by our energetic brand and share in the Ardene fashion lifestyle experience.

We’re a Community

Being a community extends beyond the company walls, and reaches our neighbourhoods and abroad. We do our part, along with the Ardene Foundation, to enrich people’s lives – because it’s the right thing to do.


Integrity and accountability are important around here. We take ownership of our actions as individuals and as a company. We’re committed to continuous improvement, and to being socially responsible corporate citizens.