Equality and ethical treatment is a human right, and we uphold that standard as employers and partners.
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Ardene products are produced both locally and internationally, and it’s our responsibility to maintain social welfare – no matter where that may be. We employ 3,500+ people domestically, and maintain international partnerships. Each and every one of those people, to whom we owe the success of the company, deserve our respect and our gratitude.

All suppliers must agree to comply with Ardene’s Code of Conduct regarding social responsibility in order to do business with us.


Here are some of the ways we take a stance on workplace rights:

  • Vendors must agree to pay fair wages for all employees and other workers producing products for Ardene.
  • Vendors must agree to provide humane and safe working conditions for their employees and other workers.
  • Vendors must agree that they will not at any time use child labor, prison labor, or slave labor in connection with our products.
  • Workers should have equal access to jobs and training, on equal terms, regardless of their sex, race, color, political opinion, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, union membership, or social origin.