We have over 4OO Social Responsibility Ambassadors at Stores and Head Office

Our Ambassadors

Our group of passionate ambassadors is educating our teams and partners as we continue to integrate sustainability into all of Ardene’s processes. Sharing the message will ensure that everyone is working with the same end goal in mind, and will allow us to continue making innovations well into the future.

On top of our GHG, supply chain and product goals, we continue to make changes within our offices and stores. These initiatives range from simple projects like eliminating single use plastic and building a community garden, to local social ambassador programs. We choose to lead by example while empowering our workforce to take leadership roles.

Our employees also make a huge difference. Cumulatively at head office, they amass an average of 1500 volunteer hours per year; giving back to our community through company volunteer initiatives or on their own. Some of those initiatives include tree planting every spring with Tree Canada, and garbage picking with the organization, Guepe. We continue to seek new partners to support our environmental efforts and provide our staff with more opportunities to give back.