The world is changing, and so are we.

Social responsibility is all about doing what's right for the community and for the planet, so we created the Ardene Collective: a movement that guides everything sustainable and responsible at Ardene. We have even more social initiatives and sustainability goals than ever before, and we are commited to doing more. From sourcing better fabrics & monitoring manufacturing, to our (over 400) social responsibility ambassadors who keep us accountable every step of the way, our goal is to help shape a better world through our 4 pillars: Planet, People, Product and Policies.

where we're at today

25 Million

Since 2OO9, we've eliminated single-use plastic garment bags by 25 million. That's over 275 pounds a year.

(That's enough plastic to cover the floor of a large suburban mall.)

462 Tons

Over 462 tons of plastic has been saved through our hanger re-use program in stores.

(That's the same weight as about 4 blue whales.)

12O OOO Units

By eliminating single-use plastics like cutlery, cups and water bottles, we've reduced our usage by about 12O,OOO units a year.

(If you stacked it all up, it would be higher than Mount Everest.)

Garden & Bees

Our backyard community garden produces our own fresh veggies & herbs for our cafeteria + we have beehives coming soon!


Through our donation box program, we're collecting gently used clothing & footwear in select stores and giving them a new life. The more you donate, the less ends up in a landfill.

(the average person throws away about 81 lbs of clothing a year...yikes!)


Recyclable Hangers

We recently introduced 100% recyclable hangers for all our lingerie and swim products.

(and we have more recylable boxes and packaging coming soon!)